Klipsch belles with Orpheans (Orphean)

by Anders, Tuesday, February 27, 2007, 18:20 (5755 days ago)

Hi everybody!

I am a new poster in forum, and first i would like to thank Bert and everyone for refueling my interrest in hornspeakersdesign.

The new Orpheans sounds really interesting. I have been through many lowther based designs ( mostly modified Tommy Horning designs, and some frontloaded ditos) . When it comes to compressiondrivers i have only had brief encounters with jbl and Tad.

As i am in a situation to totally renew my system, the only component left are a pair a Belle Klipsch basshorns , so the question is, whould these work as a startmeup option with the Orpheans? Please give me your thoughts!


Anders (Sweden)


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