Loads of questions (Orphean)

by PeterSt. ⌂ @, Netherlands, Tuesday, January 30, 2007, 10:09 (5783 days ago) @ purplepleaser

Hi Lee,

I have been doing some thinking. Can you use the Orphean Compact bass
enclosure with the bass speaker firing to sideways instead to the front.

Personally I wouldn't do that. Bass waves (in this case up to 220Hz) are more directional than your experiences (might) tell you so far. :eek:

With proper playback and your situation not lacking from standing waves this can easily be heard with the proper music, already with a pair of subwoofers and, say, 24Hz tones. In the case of the BD15, which is not a subwoofer and explicity made for music though going as low as straight to 25Hz (as measured in my room in SWING enclosure), things are even MUCH more profound;

Bass tones now are really coming from left(ish) and right(ish) once they are in the music, hence radiating them sideways for sure won't do good already for the matter of the "directional" waves reflecting the walls directly. I did'nt try it, but I bet it destroys the "deep down from the earth" bass the BD15 is known for (this is not just low bass, but it is able to separate bass string waves, and even bass chords I never heard from another speaker).



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