Loads of questions (Orphean)

by Bert @, Tuesday, January 30, 2007, 09:22 (5723 days ago) @ purplepleaser

Hi Lee,

I have been doing some thinking. Can you use the Orphean Compact bass
enclosure with the bass speaker firing to sideways instead to the front.

Yes, but how much negative effect this will have with the integration is something you have to test in your living.

Also can you seprate the horn and the bass unit. Sort of like a surround
sound system.

The horns are normally placed on a stand on top of the bass enclosure, taking them away too far from the bass does not do much good to the overall integration. I have seen people using only one pair of horns and one bass system in the center and seem pretty much satisfied with the results.

Are the Orphean horns bigger or smaller than the Oris horns.

The Orphean is (assembled) similar in size as the other Oris 250 horns, the diameter of the mouth for all is 55cm. The Oris 200 is a bit larger with 59cm in diameter and the 150 is the biggest with 78cm mouth diameter.



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