NuForce? (Orphean)

by PeterSt. ⌂ @, Netherlands, Friday, January 26, 2007, 20:13 (5786 days ago) @ GC

Dear GC,

Sorry that it's again me getting involved. Uhhm, I already was.
Please don't get mad, and please don't feel it as an attack.
For a rather long time we discussed what could be the problem with your setup, since you own the SWINGs. And maybe it was not for nothing that I asked you the questions in advance, ending with "could be an interesting workout" or whatever I said exactly.

Okay, let's try ...

My CD player seems good enough to show tremendous differences between the
amps here.

This is most probably your main "mistake". It is not, it will not, and (it seems) it can not. Please (please ?) try to think of it like this :
If Bert would start some playback with Foobar, there wouldn't be much difference with what the Nuforce produces (it would be better though). The moral should be : once the source is wrong nothing can be judged anymore, *and* that wrong source is your reference anyway.

Also, look at the man demoing the lot; he too wasn't convinced it was the best he ever heard, but he had a response : "this amp lets hear everything [smallprint] so your setup is wrong". But also : "I have never heard the amps through horn speakers".
And then : "that noise, well, that is common to a digital amp". The noise was so overwhelming that normal listening really wasn't possible (maybe Black Sabbath :wacko:). Also note that I've read about measuring tests which just couldn't be done because of this abnormal noise. Remember, this was not the SE.

The man was very objectively asked what the SE would bring more, but the only answers he had was about phenomena which were really not applicable. Also, he suggested to bring his own speaker cables ...
All that the man vented was "this is it, and it's your system that does it".

The sound was harsh, it came with an additional product, it sounded pure digital, the noise included swiching PSU products, the bass was superbadly all over the room, didn't go low anywhere, no instruments could be heard (I mean AT ALL), it was shouting and rumbling and ... in fact total crap.
Bert said he never heard something as bad as this, and I agree.

I am afraid it is the other way around as the man suggested earlier :
There are some speakers expressing all there is in it, and there is a player in front of all doing kind of the same.
At the very end Bert connected the LaydyDays, and I saw the man drop from his chair. He didn't say it, and he wasn't asked (he had to leave rather quickly and unexpectedly), but I saw in his eyes that he never heard something like that. He (and this is no joke !) stumbled one thing : yeah, this goes much lower ... I hear tubes now (and this, after he before told that at his home he used tubes). Go figure.
But this is wrong again, because an earlier "shootout" between the LadyDays and my SSs didn't prove any tube sound from Bert's LDs. There was a difference, but small and far more in the highs.

If you didn't buy them yet, PLEASE don't. You will be so dissatisfied lateron ...


PS: Yes I was there too. :cool:


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