NuForce? (Orphean)

by Bert @, Friday, January 26, 2007, 13:29 (5787 days ago) @ GC

Hi GC,

In that case I'll cut off my left arm and bet those amps were sick.

Don't do that, you'll need your arm....

Give it another try and report to me wether you want my left arm send to a

I will have the NF9 SE soon to try but I do not expect it to bring the imrpovements over the standard version I am looking for.

Perhaps you need to have the BP's examined to check if these work okay? And perhaps get yourself a FireFace400 and GC? I have learned that a good source is most important to be able to value an audio system for real quality...

The BP's and the LD's are not too much different. I prefer the LD's more to my taste for what it is doing. Both the BP and the LD are much better than the NF's I had here yesterday though (I owned both the BP's and the LD's in the past and played with them enough to know about their differences).



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