Everything has its influence.. (Orphean)

by Bert @, Wednesday, January 24, 2007, 23:45 (6159 days ago) @ PeterSt.

Hi Peter,

Bert, do you recognize this (in fact too long) length as being applied on purpose by you ?

A certain "effect" a cable has gets stronger with more length, it is impossible to state which precise length a cable needs for optimal performance but it has its influence. It also depends on the surroundings (radiating things picked up by the wire and how sensitive the construction of the cable is for that). The length used on that filter was only that long to be able to reach the driver... perhaps that the length luckely did filter out some aNoying things picked up from the air and that the shorter one didn't filter at all...

I usually use shielded wire (one end connected to earth) to prevent that problem to happen.

The Kemp Elektroniks loudspeaker cable is built-up like that and is still my preference. The wiring at your place was used because there wasn't much else around...



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