cable recommendations for Orphean (Orphean)

by db @, Tuesday, January 23, 2007, 21:25 (5729 days ago)

Hi everybody

i am new to this forum and have a question or two or ...

i am building a system around the Orphean and ref. compact wit bd15 drivers.
i still look for an amp to show up for a reasonable price used on agon .
my short list is :

diy audio ladyday
welborne labs 45 or 300 b
wright 2a3
art audio px 25

any comments on these amps and other recommendations are welcome.

my orpheans are actually not even put together yet. i am still building the cabinets together with a friend and will get the filter for the orph probably this week.

i did some research on cabeling and came up with a lot of stuff. i am kind of overwhelmed and would like to ask what people are using as speaker cables with their oris system .
and more specific :
did someone try different cables from the filter to the orphean drivers?
from amp to the filter?
what kind?
what cables are you using for the bass / from the filter to the driver and amp to filter?

cables that i researched were:
neotech , vh audio , guerilla , art audio , cardas bulk cable , vampire bulk , bastanis bulk copper/silver , mapleshade , +++++

there are many different concepts , thick , thin, silver , copper , shielded or not , occ , hookup wire +++++.

please share your experience or opinion .


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