Loads of questions (Orphean)

by GC, Wednesday, January 17, 2007, 13:37 (5796 days ago) @ purplepleaser

Hi Lee

I listen to a wide variety of music from Dance,Rock,Funk, Soul,Grime,Dub
step and complete weird and wonderful stuff from Aphex Twin,Squarepusher,
Do you think my music tastes are okay for these speakers or will i miss
the point of sensitive horns speakers with my drum and bass music.

I listen to this kind of music as well on my SWINGs. And you bet the Orpheans reply accordingly. :cool:
Like any other kind of music the Orpheans let it pass through to you. I am sure if Aphex Twin heard their own music through a pair of Orpheans, they would be surpriced. :good:

I would really like to listen to a pair of these speakers or similar, i am
just wondering if any one uses these in the U.K and is near Manchester so i
could have a listen.

My doors are always open to serious listeners. You are welcome to Belgrade. Flight ticket is a couple of 100 pounds + accomodation.
But maybe Nunspeet is a little more convenient from Manchester.

Best wishes


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