Loads of questions (Orphean)

by purplepleaser @, Manchester, U.K, Tuesday, January 16, 2007, 23:43 (5796 days ago)

Hi everyone,

I am researching the the Orphean Ultra speakers.

I have done a search but have not found some of the answers i need.
Is it possible to add the bass horn at a later date.

First my living room is approx 14ftx12ftx8ft, laminate flooring, rugs etc.

I will be using cd and vinyl

I really need to find out the overall dimensions including the horns.

I listen to a wide variety of music from Dance,Rock,Funk, Soul,Grime,Dub step and complete weird and wonderful stuff from Aphex Twin,Squarepusher, Vex'd.
Do you think my music tastes are okay for these speakers or will i miss the point of sensitive horns speakers with my drum and bass music.

I would really like to listen to a pair of these speakers or similar, i am just wondering if any one uses these in the U.K and is near Manchester so i could have a listen.

Thanks for reading and i hope you could answer a few of the questions.



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