Orphean with dipole bass? (Orphean)

by Stian @, Wednesday, January 10, 2007, 19:07 (5803 days ago)


My first post here, although I have followed the saga of Oris for a few years.

A few years back I used the Avantgarde Uno hornspeakers, and liked what I heard. Several things forced me to change to more "normal" speakers (martin logan summit right now). Now I once again have a dedicated room for music (6,85x4,85,2,55m) and the urge to get horns is strong! My inital plan was to buy Avantgarde Duo Omega, but building my own will be much more fun!:grin:

So......has anybody tried, or though about trying the orphean with a dipole bass system? To me it would seem like a good way to control room modes with dipole bass and limited dispersion horns.

I´m planning IB subwoofers from about 40Hz in the dividing wall, so loundness and extension of the dipole bass will be limited.

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