orphean horns (Orphean)

by angeloitacare, Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 03:10 (5745 days ago) @ Rudolf150

hi all

the best thing is: i have still space for improvement. i use a
telefunken, 30 watt solid state amp from 1981. for the low end, i found a aura 1808, wich will arrive soon, as my klipschorn woofers go only till 50hz. but i guess also these must go sooner ore later, i want to replace them with a better bass. preamp, i like the tact RCS 2.2 XP,and amp there are so many good brands and designs around, did really not decide yet, but got attention of the ladyday from hifi supply, seems to be a pretty good design and product.
but one is for shure. with the orphean, i dont need search further, my dreams are realised. they beat the best i've heard till now. certainly ale 5way horn i heard in japan, and the trios from avantgarde, see dust, compared to the orpheans:grin:



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